• 9.30.22 Booty + Cardio with Backbody Project

    20 minute booty sculpt, with a little burst of cardio. Equipment include optional ankle weights.

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  • 9.29.22 Toned by Tanya Rockovich

    30 minute TONED pilates sculpt with ankle weights/wrist weights.

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  • 9.28.22 Pilates Sculpt + HIIT with Kira Jones

    25 minute Cacti Wellness pilates sculpt + HIIT with a quick meditation. Equipment includes optional ankle weights and light weights.

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  • 9.27.22 Ass + Abs with Emily Rapley

    20 minute booty + core class with sliders/socks.

  • 9.26.22 Pilates Sculpt with Jackie Aitken

    35 minute pilates sculpt with no equipment. Optional ankle weights or hand weights can be used to level up.

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  • 9.26.22 Full Body Strength with Mel Grauds

    20 minute full body. low impact, high intensity strength workout with MELROSE Training. Equipment includes heavy weights.

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  • 9.23.22 Total Tone with Ali Freie

    45 minute total tone with ankle weights.

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  • 9.22.22 Pilates with Callie Jardine

    30 minute full body pilates with Callie Jardine from Sweat Studio. No equipment needed.

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  • 9.22.22 Total Body Barre with Cecilie Berberian

    45 minute total body barre with light weights and a bar (or chair/wall).

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