Backbody Project

Backbody Project

Backbody Project is a thoughtful approach to fitness that focuses on the long term, compound benefits of movement over short term gains. BBP believe that exercise cures what ails you and that sitting kills. A strong butt, a strong heart, and a strong mind? They’re all linked. To live better, feel better, and age better, you’ve got to keep moving in all sorts of ways. And that’s where your backbody comes in.

Backbody Project is based on the conviction that your glutes are your body’s foundation. And if that foundation is strong? You stand taller, live free from pain, and have more resilience and ease in your body. BBP classes are a lesson in what your body is capable of—you’ll sweat, you’ll jump, you’ll finish every class feeling stronger than before in this workout that builds lean muscle, endurance, and a healthy backside.

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Backbody Project
  • 20 Min Booty + Cardio 1 | Backbody Project

    20 minute booty sculpt, with a little burst of cardio. Equipment include optional ankle weights.

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