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New Classes

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New Classes
  • 20 Min Sculpt 1 | Marissa Herrmann

    Class Description: A 20 minute full body sculpt workout with Marissa from Move House. Class will start in a high plank series, followed by an arm and booty combo, an oblique series, a bicep curl + hip stretch, an arm combo, and abs.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Light Weights

    Meet the In...

  • 30 Min Sculpt 1 | Kelly Ann

    Class Description: A 30 minute sculpt class, starting off with cat cows, weighted side lunges, one-leg side kicks, chair pose, tricep kickbacks, body roll ups, and high planks two times through. We'll finish off with core work, crunches, in and outs, and alternating single leg opposite arm obliqu...

  • 30 Min Pilates 8 | Joanna Marie

    Class Description: Welcome to this all-in-one full body pilates class. Class will start off lying on the side with an arm + inner thigh workout, followed by a back and leg series on the stomach, lower abs, and a arm and ab combo.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Pilates Ball | Ankle Weights

  • 10 Min Glutes 1 | LIVFIT

    Class Description: This is a 10 minute express glutes class using optional ankle weights and a resistance band. Get ready to fire up the booty with donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and glute bridges.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Resistance Band

    Meet the Instructor: Olivia Dolan is the creato...

  • 20 Min Core 2 | Remy Kam

    Class Description: Welcome to Remy's 20 minute core class, focusing on the side obliques using a pilates ball.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball

    Meet the Instructor: Remy is a certified personal and group fitness trainer, wellness enthusiast, and founder of her fitness app, KORE by Remy. She be...

  • 25 Min Barre 2 | Erin Stewart

    Class Description: In this 25 minute athletic barre class, Erin will lead you through a full body workout with classic barre moves, but taking it up a notch! We'll get the heart rate elevated, we'll break a sweat, and we'll tone the body by lengthening and pulsing. After some pulsing squats and l...

  • 20 Min Lower Body Sculpt | Kenzie Saar

    Class Description: Get ready for a 20 minute sculpt workout with Kenzie Saar, focusing on the lower body. Expect bird dogs, cat cows, bear planks, fire hydrant kicks, a side lying series, glute bridges + single leg bridges, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, and side planks.

    No Equipment Need...

  • Turkey Burn 2023

    Class Description: Welcome to ORRO's 2023 Turkey Burn! This class will be broken out into three sections, with each instructor focusing on a specific body part. Optional equipment includes ankle weights and a pilates ball/pillow.

    - 15 Min Arms: Join Jess Hastings, the creator of Move Fitness and...

  • 25 Min Core Ball 1 | Tracy Campoli

    Class Description: A 20 minute core-focused class with a pilates ball. Class will consist of glute bridges, crunches, a side leg series, clamshells, donkey kicks, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Pilates Ball

    Meet the Instructor: Tracy Campoli is a Miami based television host and a...

  • 30 Min Barre 2 | Emily Rapley

    Class Description: A 30 minute full body barre with Emily from Body by Rapley. After a quick stretch, we'll warm up with plank series, followed by pulsing squats and arms, standing legs with a glider, tricep kickbacks, and abs.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Gliders

    Meet the Instructor: Em...