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New Classes
  • 30 Min Pilates 8 | Joanna Marie

    Class Description: Welcome to a spicy and challenging 30 minute pilates class with Joanna Marie. We'll be bringing out all the equipment in today's class, including a pilates ball, ankle weights, light weights, and gliders. Get ready to challenge your balance and strengthe your body from head to ...

  • 25 Min Core Pilates 1 | Rebecca Voelpel

    Class Description: Welcome to a 25 minute core-focused pilates class. Expect side planks, push ups, unique ab sequences, clamshells, alternating curtsy squats, glute bridges, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist:

  • 10 Min Abs 1 | REP PILATES

    Class Description: This is a 10 minute ab workout that will lift, sculpt, wake up, and tone the abs. Prepare for a lot of full body crunches focusing solely on that core with deep breath work.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist:

  • 30 Min Cardio Pilates 1 | Tracy Campoli

    Class Description: This is a fun, hotties pilates workout that will get the heart pumping. We'll start off with a 15 minute cardio portion, followed by a floor workout and cool down. Expect jumping jacks, side lunges, plank walkouts, bird dogs, fire hydrants, lower abs, inner thighs.

    No Equipme...

  • 15 Min Glutes 2 | Julia Giordano

    Class Description: Join Julia for a quicky glutes workout using an optional resistance band. Fire up the booty with glute bridges, a sidelying series, donkey kicks, and end with some abs.

    Optional Equipment: Resistance Band

    Spotify Playlist:

  • 30 Min Barre/Pilates Sculpt 70 | Karen Medina

    Class Description: Welcome to a barre/pilates sculpt class with Karen Medina. Class will start with a plank combo, followed by standing legs, inner thighs, abs, and glute bridges.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Resistance Band | Pilates Ball

    Meet the Instructor: A certified Pilates and ba...

  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Jess Hastings

    Class Description: Join Jess Hastings, the creator of Move Club for a 30 minute Pilates Power Sculp class. Start off with standing legs that mimic movements on a reformer (using socks or gliders), followed by single leg glute bridges, bicycle crunches, standing arms, and a plank-to-pike / spider...

  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Danielle Wiley

    "Class description: This 30 minute, low-impact barre workout focuses on the muscles of the legs, hips, and core. You'll start down on the mat for breathwork and a core-focused warm up, followed by standing barre exercises focusing on the legs and hips.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball | Ankle W...

  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Stronger with Dindi

    Class Description: Welcome to a 30 minute Barre workout using a chair and light weights. Start by firing up the core with crunches and planks, followed by some standing leg work, standing arms, side planks, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Chair/Wall | Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open....

  • 40 Min Pilates 1 | Mads Power

    Class Description: This 40 min full body pilates class was designed to build strength and lean muscle tone. In this class we will strengthen our bodies from head to toe using light weights, a pilates ball, ankle weights and a resistance band. You can expect a classical pilates warm up, deep core ...

  • 35 Min Sculpt 9 | Whitley Locks

    Class Description: This high energy, 35 minute total body sculpt class is a feel good class, using light weights. We'll start with some side planks to fire up the obliques, followed by roll ups, standing arms, donkey kicks, and diamond glute bridges.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights

    Spotify P...

  • 30 Min Abs 1 | Tanya Rockovich

    Class Description: This is a 30 minute sculpted core workout with Toned by T! We'll warm up the obliques with some abs on the side, followed by single leg raises, abs on the back, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist: