Dino Malvone

Dino Malvone

Dino Malvone is the creator and founder of SaltDrop, a sweaty, beat-driven, cardio sculpt class in NYC. Throughout the majority of class, participants are led through flow sequences inspired by yoga and pilates. This movement prepares and heats the body - think slow and steady. The remaining piece of class is beat-driven plyometrics, that build into a deep, intense cardio burn - think endurance. The narrative of the class isn’t riddled with platitudes, but instead, creates space for participants to unpack and process their own stories. The message is simple: we are grateful for these magnificent bodies. Period.

The class is challenging on many levels. If you’re in marathon shape, you’ll find it meets you where you are. If it's your first time moving in a while, there’s a place here for you as well. By offering modifications, participants will deepen their knowledge of their own bodies while building incredible functional strength, with sculpting and carving in all the right places.


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Dino Malvone
  • 11.28.22 SaltDrop with Dino Malvone

    30 minute SaltDrop with Dino Malvone and instructor, Tara. Equipment includes light weights.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2yZ6NOn1C7g79NqV6qOVrg?si=af2eb23375084660