Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart

A fitness expert, food entrepreneur and natural food chef with 15+ years in the fitness and wellness industry, Erin spent a decade owning and operating a boutique fitness brand with 26 locations around the globe prior to moving to Austin in 2021. She previously trained as a professional dancer, Pilates and barre instructor in New York City and is continuing to teach others the power of marrying fitness and food through her latest venture Savor + Sweat (, a lifestyle platform and app unveiling workouts, clean eating recipes and wellness trends with a focus on helping women fuel their bodies for optimum performance with virtual and IRL cooking and functional movement classes.

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Erin Stewart
  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Erin Stewart

    Class Description: Welcome to a 30 minute full body athletic barre, focusing on the abs and booty. After a high-energy warmup, we'll move into a glutes series, curtsy lunges, planks, and abs on the back.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights + Pilates Ball

    Meet the Instructor: A fitness expert, fo...

  • 10 Min Arms 1 | Erin Stewart

    Class Description: Grab your light weights for a 10 minute athletic barre, arm workout. This will be a quick sizzle: we'll get in, get moving, lengthen, and move on with the rest of our day.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist:

  • 25 Min Barre 1 | Erin Stewart

    Class Description: In this 25 minute athletic barre class, Erin will lead you through a full body workout with classic barre moves, but taking it up a notch! We'll get the heart rate elevated, we'll break a sweat, and we'll tone the body by lengthening and pulsing. Start class with a quick two mi...