Go Chlo Pilates

Go Chlo Pilates

Go Chlo Pilates is an Australian Pilates studio all about empowering you through feel good movement. Go Chlo Pilates classes range from mat pilates, prenatal and postnatal pilates, express pilates, stretching and more.


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Go Chlo Pilates
  • 40 Min Ass + Abs 1 | Go Chlo Pilates

    30 minute fast-paced, full body pilates workout. Efficient and effective, this sequence of pilates movements will strengthen, lengthen, and engage every muscle in your body. No equipment needed.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5HYnumjmTHaVsdVPbePEgd?si=8f8af4a429654b40&nd=1