Katya Bryleva

Katya Bryleva

Katya Bryleva (@eleve_kb) is a creator and founder of “Elevé" a NYC based fitness professional, dancer and a model. Born and raised in Russia, she started training in dance at an early age. Upon moving to NYC, she got certified in Pilates and worked as a dancer and a model with brands, such as Reebok, Victoria Secret ,e.l.f cosmetics, Scheels, appeared on “Good Morning America”, music videos and toured with a ballroom dance show. Katya taught group classes and personal training sessions at Casa Cipriani, Presher fitness, Soho House in NYC, Miami, and Hamptons . Her fitness brand “Elevé" was born as a result of combining her knowledge of movement and belief that benefits of working out stretch far beyond the physical ones. It's about standing tall, facing challenges with grace and strength, and finding joy in the journey.

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Katya Bryleva
  • 20 Min Sculpt 1 | Katya Bryleva

    Class Description: Join Katya Bryleva for a 20 minute full body sculpt with optional ankle weights and gliders. The majority of class will be standing with a sliding leg series, including back lunges, side lunges, curtsy lunges, and side kicks. We'll be involving arms too so it'll be a full body ...

  • 15 Min Booty 1 | Katya Bryleva

    Class Description: Join Katya Bryleva for a 15 minute lower body sculpt class focusing on the legs + booty. We'll stay on all fours in this class, with the majority of workouts featuring single leg booty kicks, fire hydrants, and some oblique work.

    No equipment needed.

    Meet the Instructor: Kat...