Kourtney McCullough

Kourtney McCullough

Kourtney McCullough is the creator of KORE | Kinect, form focused, muscle quivering, low impact workouts that are designed to align and protect your spine while strengthening your entire body from the inside out. This method will give you a more lengthened, sculpted figure that functions well and is resilient to everyday life as well as a more kinected body and mind.


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Kourtney McCullough
  • 35 Min Pilates Booty 1 | Kourtney McCullough

    Class Description: Work the lower body by cooking your muscles and focusing on your glutes from all angles in this 35 minute pilates workout.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights.

    Meet the Instructor: Kourtney McCullough is the founder of KORE | KINECT, form focused, muscle quivering, low impact w...