Nwando Emejulu

Nwando Emejulu

Nwando Emejulu is a pilates instructor who co-created Move With Purpose (MWP), a nonprofit club dedicated to actionable support of Black life through physical movement. Nwando has taught at several New York City-based studios, including Sal Anthony Movement Salon, Power Pilates and New York Pilates.


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Nwando Emejulu
  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Nwando Emejulu

    Class Description: In this fun, spicy 30 min pilates class, you'll start by connecting with your breath and will move into ab activations, glute bridges, abs on back w/ the pilates, side lying series with all the props and finishing with plank work. This is a great class for those looking for a c...

  • 25 Min Pilates 1 | Nwando Emejulu

    25 minute athletic pilates burn, focusing on lower body. Equipment includes a band and ankle weights.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KuU2a8TXgxHWfYbB6lxrD?si=b5d55344205d4520

  • 20 Min Pilates 1 | Nwando Emejulu

    20 minute athletic pilates burn. Equipment includes light-medium weights, a resistance band, and a pilates ball.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KuU2a8TXgxHWfYbB6lxrD?si=f09a4e523e534e47