Vilmaliz Bosque

Vilmaliz Bosque

Vilmaliz Bosque is the founder of the VB FIT METHOD: a high intensity core focused practice that combines pilates sculpting precision and traditional strength movements. Vilmaliz Bosque is a certified pilates and wellness professional whose expertise is in building core strength. With over 10 years of hands on teaching experience, she has a deep understanding of the body and merges both classical and contemporary pilates techniques with traditional strength training in order to increase strength and muscle tone.

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Vilmaliz Bosque
  • 20 Min Pilates Core 1 | Vilmalize Bosque

    Class Description: Get ready to work the core in this 20 minute Pilates core flow, focusing on the lower & upper abs.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

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    Meet the Instructor: Vilmaliz Bosque (@vbfitlifestyle) is the founder of the VB FIT METHOD...

  • 30 Min Glutes, Thighs, Core 1 | Vilmaliz Bosque

    30 minute high intensity, low impact class with the VB Fit Method. This class is about strengthening and increasing hip mobility with an emphasis on glutes, thighs, and core. We will focus on glute activation while targeting supporting thigh muscles to increase overall muscular strength, tone, an...