Farida Wahidi

Farida Wahidi

Farida Wahidi has been a certified personal trainer for over 7+ years. She specializes in helping women lose weight, gain muscle, learn to exercise, and live their healthiest life however that looks to them. She wants to make fitness a safe and fun experience for women.

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Farida Wahidi
  • 25 Min Ass + Abs 1 | Farida Wahidi

    Class Description: Welcome to a 25 minute sculpted legs, booty, and core workout. We'll start on the mat on all fours with some donkey kicks, followed by a lunge series, glute bridges, bicycle crunches, toe taps, planks, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open...

  • 10 Min Legs 1 | Farida Wahidi

    Class Description: A 10 minute killer leg workout, that will leave you with your legs shaking! You'll start with a banded fire hydrant and crab walk warmup, followed by weighted deadlifts, curtsey lunges, and split squats.

    Optional Equipment: Heavy Weights | Resistance Band

    Spotify Playlist: h...

  • 20 Min Arms 1 | Farida Wahidi

    Class Description: 20 minute strong arms class, focusing on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. With isometric holds, supersets, and compound sets, this workout will help strengthen your arms and work them in all the right places. Expect shoulder presses, bicep curls, hammer curls, forward raise...

  • 20 Min Lower Body 1 | Farida Wahidi

    Class Description: Join Farida for a 20 minute, band-only, lower body workout. We'll focus on the legs, booty, and core with clamshells, side kicks, walking squats, reverse lunges, glute bridges, bicycle crunches, flutter kicks, and plank side steps.

    Optional Equipment: Resistance Band


  • 10 Min Arms 1 | Farida Wahidi

    Class Description: Today we'll be focusing on the bicep and triceps in a 10 minute arm workout! We'll start with bicep curls to get the blood flowing in the arms, followed by overhead tricep extensions, hammercurls, tricep kickbacks, reverse curls, and a quick stretch.

    Optional Equipment: Heavy...