Kathleen Carter

Kathleen Carter

Work Carter Fitness is based in NYC and offers virtual and In-Person personal training sessions (both in NYC and Charleston, SC). We specialize in pre/post natal fitness, defeating chronic pain, intro to strength training, nutrition coaching, and creating consistency with workouts. We keep it very real, educational, and fun. You can learn more at www.workcarterfitness.com as well as follow on instagram @workcarterfitness. If you are ready to get started, email [email protected].


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Kathleen Carter
  • 35 Min Arms + Abs 1 | Work Carter Fitness

    Class Description: Get ready for a 35 minute arms and abs workout with Kathleen Carter from Work Carter Fitness. Class will start with a plank series, followed by push ups, skull crushers, chest flys, narrow chest press, an oblique + arm combo, hammer curls, tricep kickbacks, and abs on the back....

  • 15 Min Arms + Abs 1 | Work Carter Fitness

    Class Description: Grab one heavy weight and get ready for 15 minutes of arms and abs with Kathleen Carter. The ab warm up will include planks, side planks, and push ups, followed by an arm workout focusing on one arm at a time (chest press, tricep extensions, hammer curls, shoulder press, skull ...

  • 15 Min Arms 1 | Work Carter Fitness

    15 minute quick arms with Work Carter Fitness. Equipment includes 1 medium weight.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2q7YTFhHhOssWKIUCB2KYR?si=7e9a28c591f545f4

  • 30 Min Lower Body Sculpt 1 | Work Carter Fitness

    30 minute lower body sculpt workout with Kathleen Carter from Work Carter Fitness, focusing on legs + abs. Equipment includes a pilates ball and ankle weights.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6OPW1VlmDtdpc7uhiPNnNJ?si=6755575a2f5841b0