Mel Grauds

Mel Grauds

Mel Grauds is the founder of MELROSE Training, the premiere strength training program for women. The MELROSE Training approach is based on proven science of functional strength training. No gimmicks, no trends, no fads – your health is always top priority. MELROSE Training focuses on functional strength training, which includes circuit-based workouts and weight lifting, as well as power-enhancing warm-ups and muscle-repairing stretches. MELROSE Training offers personal training & group fitness programs for women - both online & IRL (in Toronto).

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Mel Grauds
  • 20 Min Strength 1 | Mel Grauds

    Class Description: Welcome to a 20 minute low-impact, high-intensity, strength workout with Melrose Training. Class will start with a 4 minute warmup, and then a series that we'll repeat twice throughout: squats to shoulder press, rows, curstey lunges, a plank series, and glute bridges.


  • 35 Min Strength 1 | Mel Grauds

    Class Description: Work the full body in this 35 minute low impact, advanced strength class with Melrose Training. We'll focus on simple and efficient compound exercises, with some more technical and advanced variations. After starting with a quick stretch, Yu'll repeat three rounds of six differ...