Movement Co.

Movement Co.

Movement Co. classes are creative, results-driven, and fun! The teachers are highly trained, have 10+ years of teaching experience, and have guided hundreds of women through their fitness journeys. Classes include Barre, Pilates, and Cardio with 4 instructors: Tenaya Figueira, Miwa Sakamoto, Michelle Lazarus, and Abi.

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Movement Co.
  • 25 Min Ass + Abs 2 | Movement Co

    Class Description: Join Tenaya from Movement Co. for a 25 minute glutes and abs focused class. This barre-inspired class will start with lower abs on the back, followed by a standing glute series with a stable surface (i.e bar, wall, chair, or table), pulsing lunges, and ending with a plank serie...

  • 25 Min Ass + Abs 1 | Movement Co

    25 minute ass + abs with Tenaya Figueira from Movement Co. Equipment includes light weights and ankle weights.

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