Shelley Kamil

Shelley Kamil

Shelley has lived and breathed Pilates for the Past 15 Years. Pivoting to Wellness after having her first child 12 years ago, Shelley is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor, Wellness Coach and Mama of three girls. Her Method Rhythmic Pilates Blends Pilates and Barre Principles in Fluid, Dynamic Sequences to Redefine, Lengthen and Create Lean Slender Muscle Tone. All her Full Length Guided Workouts are available at or find her sharing her love of Life, Pilates and all thing Wellness at or

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Shelley Kamil
  • 20 Min Barre 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: This 20 minute barre flow class is perfect for the days you just need to move! Class will be standing on the bar the entire time, with a focus on the lower body! Think standing kickbacks, lunges, curtsy squats, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Bar/Chair

    Spotify Playlist: https:/...

  • 30 Min Tone 3 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: This 30 minute Pilates sculpt class is all about toning the body from head to toe. Get the heart racing with pulsing squats and lunges using weighted arms, then fire up the booty with donkey kicks, bird dogs, and firehydrants. Turn it up a notch with an inner thigh + booty comb...

  • 30 Min Tone 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: Tone and target the hips, glutes, and arms in this pilates/barre workout. This workout is designed to create long and lean definition in all the right places. The workout is super spicy with just your own body weight, but if you wish to elevate your workout you can add ankle we...

  • 30 Min Tone 2 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: Focus on the side body and core in this 30 minute tone class. Class will be on the mat, starting with clamshells and a side lying series, followed by abs on the back and glute bridges, and repeated on the other side.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weight | Pilates Ball

    Meet the In...

  • 30 Min Sculpt 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description. This 30 minute full length, full body, full power workout with Shelley Kamil is designed to cover all the bases and tick all the boxes. We begin with a planking series to elevate the heart rate, transition into a glute series, a sidelying and core series, and finishing with abs...

  • 15 Min Plank 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: Head to the mat for this effective, planking workout using only your bodyweight!

    No Equipment Needed.

    Spotify Playlist:

    Meet the Instructor: Shelley has lived and breathed Pilates for the Past 15 Ye...

  • 20 Min Arms 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: 20 minute dynamic arm class using ankle weights, as well a a pilates ball to activate the deep core and inner thighs. Leave it to Shelley to keep switching up the mMoves and muscle groups so that you are completely distracted from the burn.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights |...

  • 35 Min Tone 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: Stay on the mat in this 35 minute full body tone, 'lazy girl workout' that is designed to create a sense of ease and comfort with neck support. This class is low impact yet highly effective, targeting the hips, glutes, inner / outer thighs and core.

    Optional Equipment: Light W...

  • 25 Min Foam Roller 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: 25 minute foam roller, full body + deep core with Shelley Kamil. The Foam Roller is an amazing Prop as not only does it help us to Reduce Tension and Break Up the Fascia, but it forces us to Engage our Intrinsic Stabilisation Muscles, the Deep Core. Think of a Surfer or a Skate...

  • 30 Min Pilates + Barre 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    In this 30 minute dynamic flow, Shelley Kamil combines pilates and barre principles to target the deep core, inner thighs, glutes, + arms. Fluid sequences and rhythmic movements create lean slender muscle tone, bringing forth the mind body connection, so we just feel as amazing inside as out. Equ...