Anna Lumbreras

Anna Lumbreras

Anna Lumbreras is a women's health coach and fitness instructor.

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Anna Lumbreras
  • 30 min Sculpt 1 | Anna Lumbreras

    Class Description: Take it down to the mat for a 30 min class, designed to guide you through slow, intentional movements, with a deep emphasis on connecting to your core. Expect side-lying booty combos, abs on back and plank combos. This a great routine for those who want to focus on mobility.


  • 40 min Sculpt 1 | Anna Lumbreras

    Class Description: This is a 40 min high intensity, power sculpt, circuit-based, strength training class. You'll have 4 circuits in total; the first two are sculpting, then 1 tabata round and finishing with 1 core round; hitting your entire body from your shoulders, back, glutes and chest. Expect...