ORRO Pilates classes are designed specifically to stretch + strengthen your muscles, using short bursts of high intensity movments – while remaining low-impact. In class, you'll focus on conncting your movement to breath with a goal of deepening the connection to your deep core muscles, resulting in a longer and stronger body with better alignment.

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  • 20 Min Arms 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: 20 minute dynamic arm class using ankle weights, as well a a pilates ball to activate the deep core and inner thighs. Leave it to Shelley to keep switching up the mMoves and muscle groups so that you are completely distracted from the burn.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights |...

  • 25 Min Mat Pilates 2 | Kristen Salis

    Class Description: Quick 25 minute mat flow with a resistance band, adding some extra spice to your workout! Start off with crunches, a side lying thigh series, and glute bridges.

    Optional Equipment: Resistance Band

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4UrVvRMF7hqBeEXBe5L5NV?si=...

  • 35 Min Pilates 1 | Rebecca Voelpel

    Class Description: Slow down and focus on the core with this 35 minute pilates class. Warm up with a hip stretch, followed by pulsing squats, lunges, bird dogs, and a side lying series.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/19KD9Gi...

  • 35 Min Pilates 1 | Joanna Marie

    Class Description: Work the full body in this 30 minute pilates class, starting with a light stretch, diving into a plank series, upper body + core work, side lying work focusing on the arms and inner thighs, and ending with c-curved crunches.

    Optional Equipment: Resistance Band | Ankle Weights...

  • 25 Min Pilates 1 | Nofar Method

    Class Description: Take a 25 minute mat pilates class with Elizabeth and one of our favorite NYC studios, Nofar Method. Led by Nofar herself, this workout will ties together cardio, strength training, and the most challenging elements of Pilates, all done with a pilates ball. Think: abs on the ba...

  • 30 Min Pilates Booty 1 | Mads Power

    Class Description: In this fiery 30 minute pilates class, we'll go deep in sculpting the booty with donkey kicks, lunges, and a side lying series, with a focus on toning abdominals through connection with the breath. Shuffle the playlist and let's get started!

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights ...

  • 30 Min Pilates 2 | Joanna Marie

    Class Description: Work the full body in this 30 minute pilates class, featuring forearm planks, kneeling triceps, booty combos, and a crunch series.

    Optional Equipment: Light-Medium Weights | Ankle Weights | Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7m86DNk3UFBDCniq7pRB...

  • 25 Min Mat Pilates 1 | Kristen Salis

    Class Description: Time to get into a 25 minute mat pilates workout, moving with your body + intention (all while staying on the ground). Class will start off with a light stretch, followed by a booty series, and a core burner.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Medium Weights | Ankle Weights

  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Amanda Bottiglia

    Class Description: Slow down and learn to move with intention by working those muscles you didn't even know you had in this 30 minute pilates class. Sculpt and flow through squat pulses, a plank series, booty combo, glute bridges, clamshells, and abs on the mat.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weight...

  • 25 Min Pilates 1 | Sophie Longford

    Class Description: Shape your body + tone the whole body in this 25 minute Pilates class with Shaped by Sophie. Get ready for some glute bridges, squats + lunges, bird-dogs, sideline combos, and abs on the back.

    No Equipment

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4q2QCtuzMDO2NMtR0...

  • 35 Min Tone 1 | Rhythmic Pilates

    Class Description: Stay on the mat in this 35 minute full body tone, 'lazy girl workout' that is designed to create a sense of ease and comfort with neck support. This class is low impact yet highly effective, targeting the hips, glutes, inner / outer thighs and core.

    Optional Equipment: Light W...

  • 30 Min Pilates Strength 1 | Tatiana Lampa

    Class Description: In this 30 min workout, we combine traditional strength-based movements into a pilates-based flow. Expect glute bridges, abs on back, plank series, kneeling booty combos w/ arm weights and standing legs w/ weights and gliders. This is a great class to mimic the feeling of being...

  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Nwando Emejulu

    Class Description: In this fun, spicy 30 min pilates class, you'll start by connecting with your breath and will move into ab activations, glute bridges, abs on back w/ the pilates, side lying series with all the props and finishing with plank work. This is a great class for those looking for a c...

  • 25 Min Pilates 1 | Kira Jones

    Class Description: In this 25 min pilates class, you'll start with a visualization meditation and move into a feel good stretch flow. This is primarily a stretch-based, regenerative, restorative class with a little bit of core work. Special guest Eliz joins!

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball


  • 10 Min Booty 1 | Amanda Bottiglia

    Class Description: In this quickie class, you'll torch your booty from all angles. The entire class will be on the mat and includes kneeling booty combos and side lying series. This is the perfect class to add onto any other ORRO classes!

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist: http...

  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Joanna Marie

    Class Description: This is a slow moving, gentle pilates class. Expect plank series, prone lying back series, kneeling booty and obliques.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Resistance Band | Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4KWgNaDtB9xGVPdoULWxYI?si=z5zAdd1...

  • 30 Min Pilates 2 | Jenn Seracuse

    Class Description: This is a 30 min, pilates strong workout. This class is fast-paced, you'll be moving quickly from one exercise to the next to get that full body burn! Expect lots of mat work with kneeling booty combos, planks, side lying series, abs on back and some standing legs.

    Optional E...

  • 30 Min Pilates 3 | Natasha Sansone

    Class Description: This is a 30 min full body mat-based pilates class, great for anyone looking to tighten and tone from head to toe! The entire class takes place on the mat, you can expect abs on back, side lying series and kneeling legs. You'll work your full body, but CORE is the focus of this...

  • 20 Min Pilates 1 | Alli Bradley

    Class Description: This is a great class to tap into your body and really connect to your breath. You'll start with a brief meditation and then move into standing legs, plank series and kneeling booty combos.

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/71upq7aUaAu...

  • 35 Min Pilates 1 | Madeline Power

    Class Description: This 35 minute pilates flow utilizes a pilates ball to go extra deep and give your muscles that extra burn! You can expect to see abs on back, bridges, kneeling booty combos and side lying series.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/pl...

  • 30 Min Toned 5 | Tanya Rockovich

    30 minute pilates with the TONED studio. No equipment needed.

    Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KuU2a8TXgxHWfYbB6lxrD?si=92a89891046d48df

  • 30 Min Arms + Abs 2 | Dianna Falzarano

    Class Description: This 30 min mat-based pilates class is great for anyone looking to target their upper body. You'll start with some light stretching and breathwork exercises, followed by ab and arm-focused exercises with light weights. You'll stay on the mat for this entire class!

    Optional Eq...

  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Alli Cavanagh

    Class Description: A 30 minute, full body, mat based flow without props to lengthen and strengthen the body while tuning into the mind. This flow starts with short breath work, gets spicy, and ends back in connection with yourself. No equipment needed; ankle weights can be used to level up.


  • 20 Min Pilates 1 | Lexie Palasciano

    Class Description: This 20 min mat-based pilates flow is a great way to have a gentle start to your day or wind down to your evening. All you need is your mat!

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6UYgkIrLfclwjLjiOltVFy?si=2Lr7Z9oeSKSW3-tLtOuwFQ

    Meet the In...