Alessia Sculpt

Alessia Sculpt

Alessia Scauzillo founded A Sculpt Body, consisting of simple yet effective low-impact workouts that energize rather than drain you, and that you can easily fit into your schedule and do anytime, anywhere. A Sculpt Body is all about empowering busy women to incorporate movement into their everyday lives so they can feel confident, strong, and energized without being overwhelmed or tied to the gym.

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Alessia Sculpt
  • 20 Min Sculpt 1 | Alessia Sculpt

    Class Description: This quickie sculpt class is the perfect class for when you're in a hurry or on-the-go! Start off on all fours with a plank and bird dog, followed by a sidelying series, clamshells, pulsing lunges, standing arms, and ending with abs.

    Optional Equipment: Resistance Band.


  • 35 Min Sculpt 1 | Alessia Sculpt

    Class Description: Get ready for a 35 minute full body, low-impact workout with Alessia from A Sculpt Body. Class will start with a quick stretch, followed by crunches and lower abs, glute bridges, a booty + arm combo, a standing leg series, squats, tricep kickbacks, side planks, and ending with ...

  • 30 Min Strength 1 | Alessia Sculpt

    Class Description: This 30 min full body strength workout features a circuit-style class. You'll have 4 exercises to complete and cycle through the series 3 times. You can expect all compound movements - squat presses, deadlift rows, glute bridge chest presses, and finishing with weighted sit ups...

  • 25 Min Sculpt 1 | Alessia Sculpt

    Class Description: This is a 25 min prenatal workout (but can be taking if you're not pregnant, too!) It's a full body workout - you'll start standing and then make your way down to the mat. Exercises include: standing arms and legs, side lying series, kneeling booty combos and finishing with a n...

  • 30 Min Lower Body Sculpt 1 | Alessia Sculpt

    30 minute lower body sculpt class with Alessia from A Sculpt Body, focusing on the legs + booty. Equipment includes light weights and ankle weights.

  • 30 Min Sculpt 3 | Alessia Sculpt

    30 minute full body sculpt with Alessia from A Sculpt Body. Equipment includes light hand weights.

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  • 30 Min Sculpt 2 | Alessia Sculpt

    30 minute beginner sculpt with Alessia Scauzillo, at a slightly slower pace & more gentle on the body. Perfect for those new to working out or looking to ease back into things. Equipment includes optional wrist/ankle weights.

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  • 15 Min Abs 1 | Alessia Sculpt

    15 minute quickie abs with Alessia Scauzillo. No equipment needed.