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  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Danielle Wiley

    "Class description: This 30 minute, low-impact barre workout focuses on the muscles of the legs, hips, and core. You'll start down on the mat for breathwork and a core-focused warm up, followed by standing barre exercises focusing on the legs and hips.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball | Ankle W...

  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Stronger with Dindi

    Class Description: Welcome to a 30 minute Barre workout using a chair and light weights. Start by firing up the core with crunches and planks, followed by some standing leg work, standing arms, side planks, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Chair/Wall | Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open....

  • 15 Min Booty 1 | Katya Bryleva

    Class Description: Join Katya Bryleva for a 15 minute lower body sculpt class focusing on the legs + booty. We'll stay on all fours in this class, with the majority of workouts featuring single leg booty kicks, fire hydrants, and some oblique work.

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https:...

  • 35 Min Athletic Pilates 1 | Kat Tolis

    Class Description: Work the entire body in this sweaty, 35 minute Athletic Pilates class, featuring a mix of HIIT, Pilates, and stretching. We'll warm up the heart with mountain climbers and plank dips, and then dive right into squats, banded side steps, burpees, plank updowns, oblique abs, side ...

  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Kayley Lake

    Class Description: This 30-minute full-body barre express class will leave you sore the next day from low-impact exercises! Starting off with a wide squat pulse, then onto arms starting off with two back two front pulses on the knees, prayer arm pulses, and straight arm pulses upward. Then into a...

  • 30 Min Sculpt 1 | Rachel McClusky

    Class Description: Get ready for a 30 minute low-impact Recharge Method. We'll start with a short meditation and then get into all low impact moves, including an ab + arm combo, glute bridges, booty series, side planks, lunges, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist: http...

  • 20 Min Arms 1 | Tracy Campoli

    Class Description: Get ready for those arms to burn with light weights and lots of repetitions!

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist:

    Meet the Instructor: Tracy Ca...

  • 20 Min Booty 1 | Taylor Pearl

    Class Description: Fire up the glutes with a 20 minute pilates booty workout using ankle weights and a resistance band.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Resistance Band

    Spotify Playlist:


  • 25 Min Pilates 1 | Rachel Schwandt

    Class Description: A full body pilates sculpt series using optional ankle weights and a pilates ball to add extra spice, add core strength, and enhance stability. Expect a plank warmup, donkey kicks, a sidelying series, crunches, and pilates 100s.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Pilates Ba...

  • 35 Min Strength 1 | Jess Hastings

    Class Description: Grab your heavy weights (5-12 pounds) and get ready to workout to the clock with a full body strength class with Move Fitness and Health. In today's class, we'll be working in supersets: 30 seconds of one move, 30 seconds of the next move, and then 15 seconds of rest. In this w...

  • 25 Min Sculpt 1 | Julia Giordano

    Class Description: Welcome to a quick and effective 25 minute sculpt class. Followed by a two minute warm up, we'll be going through a full body workout that will be repeated twice throughout. The workout will start with lower abs + bicycle crunches, a glute bridge + chest press combo, side lyin...

  • 45 Min Barre 1 | Katy Reynolds

    Class Description: Join Katy Reynolds for a 45 minute total body barre burn! This low impact but intense full body sculpting session is a smart synergy between strength, mobility and mindfulness. Our signature Barre is a challenging cardio infused yet technical workout designed to push you both p...

  • 35 Min Pilates Booty 1 | Kourtney McCullough

    Class Description: Work the lower body by cooking your muscles and focusing on your glutes from all angles in this 35 minute pilates workout.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist:

  • 30 Min Tone 2 | The SLR Life

    Class Description: This is a 30 min full body, high energy toning class. A lot of the movements are pilates based and you can expect standing arms w/ weights, standing legs w/ weights, kneeling booty combos, glute bridges and abs on back.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist: htt...

  • 35 Min Sculpt 1 | Sweat with Sav

    Class Description: Get ready for a high-energy, beat-based sculpt workout focusing on building strength and endurance. After a 5 minute stretch, we'll warm up with bird dogs, bear planks, tricep push ups, squat walks, and inchworms. You can then expect a standing arm series (bicep curls, overhead...

  • 20 Min Sculpt 1 | Marissa Herrmann

    Class Description: A 20 minute full body sculpt workout with Marissa from Move House. Class will start in a high plank series, followed by an arm and booty combo, an oblique series, a bicep curl + hip stretch, an arm combo, and abs.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Light Weights

    Spotify Pla...

  • 30 Min Yoga Sculpt 1 | Monica Colino

    Class Description: Grab your light weights and meet us on the mat for a 30 minute yoga sculpt class with Monica Colino.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist:

    Meet the Instructor: Monica Colino is a NASM CPT & CGFI certifie...

  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Gina Chanis

    Class Description: Join Gina for a 30 minute barre class. We'll warm up the body with a quick cardio warmup, followed by arms, a standing legs series, standing thigh + booty work, and then heading to the mat for some abs and glute bridges.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Ankle Weights | Cha...

  • 20 Min Pilates 1 | REP Pilates

    Class Description: This 20 minute Pilates class will focus on the breath and core, and foster mind-to-muscle connection. Class will include lower abs, glute bridges, bird dogs, a challenging plank series, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist: https://open...

  • 45 Min Pilates Sculpt 1 | Kailyn Nowak

    Class Description: This class is grounded in Pilates principles, with slow and intentional movements, adding in sculpt techniques. We'll start by firing up the booty with a glute bridge combo, followed by abs, one legged bear planks, a booty and inner thigh combo, tricep kickbacks, supermans, jum...

  • 30 Min Pilates 1 | Leora Kirshenblatt

    Class Description: Move with Leora in this 30 minute, no equipment pilates class. We'll start off with deadbugs, crunches, scissor kicks + bicycle crunches, oblique twists, a leg + arm + booty combo, and ending on the mat standing with legs.

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https://open...

  • 30 Min Barre 1 | Brits Barre

    Class Description: This is a full body barre experience in under 30 minules. Britsbarre's classes develop endurance-based, lean muscle through low impact, high-rep movements, and if f you are looking for the ultimate, time-efficient workout to define your muscless, build core strength and develop...

  • 30 Min Ass + Abs 1 | The Workout LA

    Class Description: Join Nicole & Ashley from The Workout LA in this 30 minute class focused on the ass + abs. Class will start off with a 3 minute stretch warm up, followed by squats, side lunges, standing oblique twists, a standing legs series, modified burpees, a donkey kick + tricep combo, sid...

  • 10 Min Side Series 1 | Makena Diehl

    Class Description: Join Elizabeth and Makena for a quick 10 minute side series sculpt, focusing on the outer + inner thighs.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Meet the Instructor: Makena Diehl (@madebymakena) is a personal instructor, as well as an instructor at Equinox and Obe Fitness.