15 Minute + Under

15 Minute + Under

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15 Minute + Under
  • 10 Min Abs 1 | REP PILATES

    Class Description: This is a 10 minute ab workout that will lift, sculpt, wake up, and tone the abs. Prepare for a lot of full body crunches focusing solely on that core with deep breath work.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KuU2a8TXgxHWfYbB...

  • 15 Min Glutes 2 | Julia Giordano

    Class Description: Join Julia for a quicky glutes workout using an optional resistance band. Fire up the booty with glute bridges, a sidelying series, donkey kicks, and end with some abs.

    Optional Equipment: Resistance Band

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5uSdBBYsHumIk7yvOmG...

  • 10 Min Standing Series 1 | Kira Jones

    Class Description: Join Elizabeth, Grace Freyre, and Kira Jones for a 10 minute standing series. We'll be doing squats, standing legs, and strengthening the core through balance. Ankle weights are optional.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Meet the Instructor: Kira Jones is the founder of Cac...

  • 10 Min Core 1 | Joanna Marie

    Class Description: Get ready for a quick and effective core workout that can be squeezed into any day, no matter how busy! This class can be done with a pilates ball or no equipment. Start off with some crunches and single leg lifts, bear planks, lower abs, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates...

  • 15 Min Chair Barre 1 | Kayley Lake

    Class Description: Grab a chair and get ready for a quick 15 minute full body workout that is prenatal friendly! Expect squat pulses, lunges, standing legs, an arm series, and more.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weight | Light Weight

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6qvJRQ27KhsnP...

  • 10 Min Core 1 | Marissa Herrmann

    Class Description: Welcome to a quickie core series on the mat with Marissa from Move House. Fire up the core with weighted crunches, one-sided penguins, one-legged cherry pickers, leg lifts, and scissor kicks.

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights | Ankle Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spo...

  • 5 Min Quickie Arms 1 | Julia Giordano

    Class Description: A quickie 5 minute arm series that's perfect for when you're short on time or want to layer in some extra arms to another workout! Class will start with some up push ups to get the arms warmed up, followed by front and lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and tricep d...

  • 15 Min Sidelying Sculpt 1 | Kelly Ann

    Class Description: Welcome to a 15 minute workout that gets right into it with a lying series targeting the side booty and inner thighs with weighted single leg exercises. The combination of pulses, squeezes, and quick movements will make your legs and booty feel the burn right away. We mix in so...

  • 15 Min Arms 1 | Jess Hastings

    Class Description: Join Jess Hastings, the creator of Move Fitness and Health for a 15 minute, no equipment arm workout. Expect a plank warm-up, tricep dips, standing isometric arms, and a push-up + row combo.

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70qRnfVyjK...

  • 10 Min Abs 1 | Madeline Power

    Class Description: This 10 minute core class was created to get deep into the abdominal muscles for increased core strength and tone. Join Madeline on the mat to totally sculpt your core using only a pilates ball. Expect crunches, hip bridges and a spicy oblique sequence.

    Optional Equipment: Pi...

  • 10 Min Arms 1 | Mads Power

    Class Description: This 10 minute standing class was created to totally sculpt your arms using a light set of hand weights. Expect overhead presses, chest flys, tricep work and more!

    Optional Equipment: Light Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6k5j79h5eitBTksSbMroGi?s...

  • 15 Min Booty 1 | Katya Bryleva

    Class Description: Join Katya Bryleva for a 15 minute lower body sculpt class focusing on the legs + booty. We'll stay on all fours in this class, with the majority of workouts featuring single leg booty kicks, fire hydrants, and some oblique work.

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https:...

  • 15 Min Arms 1 | Dianna Falzarano

    Class Description: This is 15 minute of all out arms! Class will start with a quick warm up and then move into single arm exercises, core work, bilateral arm exercises, and ending with a quick stretch. Expect inch worm with shoulder taps, downward dog to plank, skull crushers, lower abs, shoulder...

  • 15 Min Core 1 | Kourtney McCullough

    Class Description: Work the abs in this quickie 15 minute core class led by Kourtney McCullough, creator of Kore Kinect Pilates. Grab a pilates ball, pillow, or towel, and get ready for some crunches, oblique twists, and mermaid crunches.

    Optional Equipment: Pilates Ball

    Spotify Playlist: http...

  • 15 Min Glutes 1 | Julia Giordano

    Class Description: Join Julia for a quicky glutes workout with no equipment. Expect lunges, standing legs, glute bridges, and donkey kicks.

    No equipment needed.

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2vS3d7I2UHy2yQaUvsWEo2?si=72991f3fe37e4026

    Meet the Instructor: Julia Giordano i...

  • 10 Min Legs 1 | Farida Wahidi

    Class Description: A 10 minute killer leg workout, that will leave you with your legs shaking! You'll start with a banded fire hydrant and crab walk warmup, followed by weighted deadlifts, curtsey lunges, and split squats.

    Optional Equipment: Heavy Weights | Resistance Band

    Spotify Playlist: h...

  • 10 Min Arms 1 | LIVFIT

    Class Description: Welcome to 10 minute express arms. All you need is a set of hand weights (1-3 lbs) and we'll get started with a quick + effective arm workout.

    Optional Equipment: Medium Weights

    Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7ufpWVi4UUpFv5W3DgJlbA?si=036db5e012944a1c&n...

  • 5 Min Plank 1 | Kira Jones

    Class Description: Join Elizabeth and Kira for a killer 5 minute plank series.

    No equipment needed.

    Meet the Instructor: Kira Jones is the founder of Cacti Wellness Collective, an online wellness and productivity platform that empowers ambitious women to improve their mind, body, and focus. All...

  • 15 Min Arms & Abs 1 | Brandy Williams

    Class Description: Join Brandy Williams for a quick but intense Barre workout that will strengthen your arms and core in just 16 minutes! In this high-energy class, you’ll use resistance exercises to target those hard-to-reach muscles that will leave you feeling empowered and strong!

    Optional E...

  • 10 Min Booty 1 | Amanda Bottiglia

    Class Description: In this quickie class, you'll torch your booty from all angles. The entire class will be on the mat and includes kneeling booty combos and side lying series. This is the perfect class to add onto any other ORRO classes!

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Meet the Instructor: A...

  • 10 Min Glider 1 | Hannah Gross

    Class Description: Take a quickie full body glider workout with Hannah Gross! We'll be using optional wrist weights so we can get some work in the upper body and a pair of gliders (or socks).

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights | Gliders

    Meet the Instructor: Hannah Gross is a group fitness instr...

  • 15 Min Arms + Abs 1 | Work Carter Fitness

    Class Description: Grab one heavy weight and get ready for 15 minutes of arms and abs with Kathleen Carter. The ab warm up will include planks, side planks, and push ups, followed by an arm workout focusing on one arm at a time (chest press, tricep extensions, hammer curls, shoulder press, skull ...

  • 10 Min Side Series 1 | Makena Diehl

    Class Description: Join Elizabeth and Makena for a quick 10 minute side series sculpt, focusing on the outer + inner thighs.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Meet the Instructor: Makena Diehl (@madebymakena) is a personal instructor, as well as an instructor at Equinox and Obe Fitness.

  • 5 Min Arms 1 | Alli Cavanagh

    Class Description: Get a quick and efficient arm workout with In Flow With Alli's express arm series with ankle weights.

    Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Meet The Instructor: Alli Cavanagh (@inflowwithalli) is a pilates instructor based in Philadelphia, PA. Alli’s style is a contemporary and ...